The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Engagement and Learning with Blooket

When it comes to teacher quizzes and online trivia, Blooket is a relatively new website. It’s not an app; it’s a website. Following the creation of a teacher account, you can search and create “sets” of questions on any subject you choose as well as create your own. You can use each set of questions to host games that students can participate in. You can Join Blooket by using this method.

How to Use Blooket?

Blooket differs from other websites as it offers multiple game styles that can be played with the same set of questions. Among the other five options, the teacher can host a Gold Quest, Battle Royale, or Classic game. This is an easy method to Join Blooket.

Pupils are not required to create an account. Simply visit, enter the pin you receive when you start hosting a game, and they will join the game you are hosting.  A great option if you are playing with virtual students is that the majority of the games are self-paced and do not require the students to be able to see the teacher’s screen. Games can be hosted so that everyone can play at once, or they can be given as homework that needs to be finished in a specific amount of time. 

Advantages of Using Blooket

We are going to discuss here the advantages of joining Blooket.

Blooket is Free 

This is always so crucial, but as its popularity increases, a lot of apps and websites can change, so I’m not sure if that will hold in the future. There’s no guarantee that it will stay free. Payment options for account upgrades are already available.


In a lot of the games, students can complete the questions at their own speed. They can go on to the next question without waiting for a set amount of time or for everyone to finish answering a particular one.


Students are forced to compete with one another in the game choices. Because there is always a chance component to the game options, students are highly engaged and the competition is enjoyable.

Same Questions, Distinct Gameplay

It’s not necessary to create a brand-new game for every set of questions. Alternatively, you can use a single set of questions from your teacher account to play several different game options. Recall that you can create these sets or find them using the website’s search feature.

Incredibly Captivating

My fifth-graders were enamored with the game options! The kids were being pretty rowdy, so the teacher next door came over to see what we were doing. But I’ll take it because it’s loud about naming notes on the treble clef staff!

Play Blooket Join: Options for Blooket Games

Here are different options for play blooket join.

Quest for Gold

There is a small element of luck and speed in this game. Each question from the set will appear on the student’s device for them to respond to. The questions move at their own pace. They will have a choice of three chests to open if they provide the right response. Some contain nothing, some contain gold, and some let you steal gold from other players. A time limit or the total amount of gold a player has amassed can be used to determine the winner. This is a fantastic place to start on Blooket and a student favorite in my classroom.


To serve goods and replenish your supplies, you must answer questions correctly. It calls for quick thinking and concentration. Because there are upgrades they can purchase to make their cafe even better, this was a bit more difficult for the students to understand. The winner may be chosen by earning a predetermined amount of money or by seeing who has the most money after the time limit you specify. It is also possible to assign homework for this game.


Similar to Cafe, to unlock and upgrade Blooks—the adorable little characters in Blooket—students must respond to questions quickly and utilize some strategy. You can use it for homework as well. 

Combat Royale

In this game, students respond to questions on one in pairs. If you don’t have any one-to-one devices in your room, this is a great option as it can also be configured as team versus team. The student who responds to the question the fastest and correctly wins. They are then paired with a different competitor in the following round.  This game cannot be used as homework or an assignment; it must be played all at once. Furthermore, this game is not self-paced.


To advance in the race with their Blook, students must be fast and accurate in this game. When players successfully answer a series of questions, they can earn power-ups that allow them to advance further or move other players backward. It makes the game even more engaging. You, as the instructor, get to choose how many questions a student needs to correctly answer to win.

Insane Kingdom

Here’s another fantastic strategy game option. This one differs in that it is meant to be played alone, without the need for simultaneous player participation. It can only be assigned as homework. The objective of this game is to correctly answer the questions in the set to maintain a kingdom by attending to the needs of visitors and allocating the available resources.

The Tower of Death

Another game that can only be given as homework is this one.  Pupils can work independently to complete tasks, gather cards, and aid in the Blooks’ defeat to ascend the Tower of Doom. 


This trivia game, which resembles Kahoot a lot, is more conventional in style. Pupils strive to respond to questions quickly to move up the leaderboard and gain points. Once more, because every student will see the same question at the same time, it is not self-paced.


Creating a teacher account is simple. It is a very simple join booklet. Simply go to and enter your email address to get started. As soon as you log in, the teacher dashboard that appears on your screen is where you can start looking for sets or creating your own.

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