Things You Need to Know About Crooked Media Today

Crooked Media is a media company that was founded in early 2017 by Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, and Dan Pfeiffer. The company focuses on content that is relevant to the modern political landscape. In addition to their website, it has also produces podcasts such as “Pod Save America” and “Lovett or Leave It.” Here are few things you need to know about Crooked Media today. The Crooked Media’s Pod Save America is a great podcast for political junkies and news enthusiasts alike. In each episode, the hosts provide an in-depth analysis of the week’s most important news stories. They also offer insights into how to best advocate for change. Whether you’re a seasoned activist or just getting started.

Build a better America one issue at a time.

The media is often viewed as an institution that’s out to get the president. However, a new study shows that the media’s real mission is to “build a better America one issue at a time.” According to the study, the media chooses which stories to cover based on how they can improve the country. This isn’t always popular with audiences, who are used to seeing news stories that are designed to shock and outrage them. But it’s important to remember that the role of the media is much bigger than most people realize.

They produce podcasts and online content

It is a progressive media company that produces podcasts and online content. The company has over 1 million listeners and was founded in early 2017. It’s mission is to hold those in power accountable and to energize the progressive movement. Their content focuses on politics, policy, and culture. Some of their most popular podcasts are Pod Save America, Lovett or Leave It, and Keep it 100. it is quickly becoming a leading source of progressive news and information.

Crooked Media’s podcasts include “Pod Save America,”

It is a progressive media company that produces podcasts and digital content. Some of their most popular podcasts are “Pod Save America,” “The Wilderness,” and “With Friends Like These.” All of their podcasts are hosted by experienced journalists who offer insightful commentary and analysis on the latest news. Their shows are perfect for professional audiences who want to stay informed about the latest political happenings.

The company has been involved in several high-profile political campaigns, including the Bernie Sanders campaign and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Crooked Media is a progressive media company

They are a progressive media company that was founded in 2017 by Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, and Dan Pfeiffer—three former Obama staffers who wanted to create a media outlet that would hold Trump accountable. The company has quickly become one of the most influential sources of news and information for progressives, with podcasts like Pod Save America and Keep It podcast becoming required listening for anyone interested in politics. They are also boasts a large online following, with over 1.5 million Twitter followers and 3 million Facebook fans. In short, if you’re looking for an honest, no-nonsense take on politics from the left side of the spectrum, it is your go-to source.

The company’s goal is to hold the Trump administration accountable

Trump and his administration are under constant fire for their lack of transparency and conflicts of interest. Though the company is nonpartisan, it is committed to holding the Trump administration accountable to the best of its ability. It will provide timely reporting and analysis on the administration’s actions and policy decisions as they happen. In addition, the company seeks to provide a forum for constructive dialogue between experts across the ideological spectrum. In recent months, the Trump administration has taken a number of actions that have caused concern for individuals and organizations across the country. To ensure that the administration is held accountable, a number of companies have launched initiatives to track its policies and provide critical analysis.

Crooked Media publishes podcasts, articles, and videos

It is a progressive media company that publishes podcasts, articles, and videos. Their content is aimed at engaging and informing the professional community. Their mission is to “promote an open society and strengthen democracy by giving people the information they need to effectively engage in the political process.” Their podcasts are hosted by experienced journalists and policy experts who offer insights into current events and politics. Crooked Media’s content is highly recommended for anyone looking to stay informed about the latest news and developments in American politics.

Their pod save America

Crooked Media’s “Pod Save America” is a political podcast that has quickly gained popularity since its inception in January of 2017. The show is hosted by four former aides to President Obama – Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor – and focuses on current events and politics from a liberal perspective. Though the hosts are admittedly partisan, they strive to make the show informative and entertaining for all listeners, regardless of their political leanings. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or somewhere in between, “Pod Save America” is definitely worth a listen.

Crooked media has been praised for its coverage

It is a new up-and-coming news outlet, has been praised for its accurate and unbiased coverage of the 2016 presidential election. While other outlets have been caught up in partisan bias, Crooked Media has remained committed to providing fair and accurate reporting. Their work has been essential in helping Americans make informed decisions about who to vote for. Thanks to them, we can all be confident that we’re getting the facts straight.

They have also been criticized for its biased reporting

They are the liberal media outlet created in response to President Donald Trump’s election victory, has been criticized for its biased reporting. Some have argued that the outlet regularly skews its coverage in favor of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Others contend that Crooked Media ignores critical stories about the Clinton campaign and her allies. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it’s worth taking a closer look at Crooked Media’s reporting to see how it compares to other outlets. It’s no secret that Crooked Media has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration. But it’s also come under fire for its biased reporting. Some say the outlet is only interest in further its own agenda, instead of provide an unbiased view of current events. Others worry that Crooked Media’s fervent opposition to Trump could actually be empower him and giving him a platform to push his own narrative.

The company is led by four co-founders

The media is hardly a fair and unbiased source of news. In fact, most of the major networks are filled with former Obama staffers. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, given that the Obama administration was one of the most secretive in history. The media has been working hard to cover up for their former boss, but the truth is finally starting to come out. Americans deserve to know the real story, and they can only get it from alternative sources of information. Thank you for reading!

Crooked Media one of the most influential progressive media outlets

Crooked Media, the political media company founded by former Obama White House staffers, has been widely criticized in recent months. Some say that the group is biased against progressives, while others claim that it focuses too much on personalities and not enough on policy. Despite these criticisms, Crooked Media remains one of the most influential progressive voices in American politics. The company’s podcasts have reached millions of listeners and its online presence continues to grow. Crooked Media’s founders are passionate about changing the way people talk about politics, and there is no doubt that they will continue to be a powerful force in the years to come.


Crooked Media is an American progressive media company founded in 2017. Their mission statement reads “to build a better America one issue at a time.” They produce podcasts, articles, and videos to hold the Trump administration accountable and provide liberal alternatives to conservative news outlets. The pod save America podcast has over 1 million listeners each month with hosts including Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Tommy Vietor, Alyssa Mastromonaco and Jon Lovett. They publish podcasts, articles, and videos with over 1 million listeners/readers each month. Their pod save America podcast has been praised by publications like Vanity Fair who called it “the perfect antidote for despair.”

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